Myanmar a nation in one language Formation Built Not the country language Tradition ritual culture Religion They have various possessions With many ethnic groups constituted Union Country It is

          Like that Different different All ethnic groups By many Together Living together It is a country according to Ethnic peoples Equal Citizenship and matters Constitution rights fully To enjoy First time Union Hluttaw 2015 Seven, February 24 On the day of " Ethnic Nations Right "Protection Law " . confirm Enacted.

How the ministry came into being            The Ministry of Ethnic Affairs 2015 Seven February 24 On the day Union Hluttaw By Law No. ( 8/2015 ) . Enacted Ethnic of nations Protection of rights Law " section 6 According to State office of the president Statement No. 1 / 2016 with 2016 Seven March 30 On the day Start forming appeared.

          Originally Ministry of Ethnic Affairs By name formed  ethnic groups Protection of rights Law Clause ( 2 ) _ ( b ) _ In terms of ministry As it is inconsistent Law According to the expression The name of the ministry The second time Union In the first regular session of the parliament Get confirmation. State office of the president 25 - 7 - 2016 Date it Statement No. 20 / 2016 with Ministry of Ethnic Affairs which to the name bona fide changed.

Union Minister Appointment of Deputy Minister

         2016 Seven March 30 On the day Formed During the government of the Republic of Myanmar State President of office Statement no 1 / 2016 According to Ministry of Ethnic Affairs It has emerged Mon ethnic To Nai Thet Lwin ethnic Ministry of Affairs As Union Minister State office of the president 15 - 10 - 2018 Date it Order No. 36 / 2018 According to U Hla Mao Oo Deputy Minister as well as Assigned .

          Then of the State Planning and Administration Council 3 - 2 - 2021 Date it Order No. 15 / 2021 According to Karen ethnic U Saw Tun Aung Myint force Union Minister as well as State administration of the council 23 - 2 - 2021 Date it Order No. 84 / 2021 According to Arakan Ethnicity U Zaw Aye Maung As Deputy Minister and Appointed.

          At the present time of the State Planning and Administration Council 1 - 2 - 2023 Date it Order No. 6 / 2023 According to Kachin ethnic Jeng Phang Naw Taung As Union Minister Appointment was given.

Staff appointment Assignment

         Initially In assigning staff Another minister department from Transfer want to serve Assistant directed and editor Lower level employees Meet people Inspections make Among them Appropriate servants The staff of the ministry Structured In positions of equal pay Ability to be recruited for In accordance with the procedure carried out

          of the ministry Structured Vacant Position Many for Employees In order to be able to fill Ministry each other By transfer too good, to third parties Call for applications. Qualification check Exams make select and Appointed.


          From the Ministry of Ethnic Affairs Employees Ministry In each case who served servants composed of personnel Educational background various Experience With a variety of experience and knowledge from different environments ethnic Multi-participation Ethnic issues  mind earnestly In order to carry out Those who arrived Union Government In group ministries Ethnic group The most included Ministry It is one.