The Ministry of Ethnic Affairs Constitution Law principles; The state established policies; Traditional of the people Protection of rights Law and objectives of Myanmar to the Sustainable Development Goals Looking ahead to reach Draw as follows establish Placed -

( 1 )    Ethnic peoples All Equal Citizen and rights Constitution rights Full gaining weight

( 2 )    Inter-ethnic groups unity dear Respect and Helping the poor Development and development genuine Based on the spirit of union. Together forever hand in hand Residence

( 3 )     ethnic groups speech literature art culture Tradition ritual Nationalism and sign History heritage and conservation development

( 4 )    Development less Ethnicity of Education Health economy Transportation etc included Social economic development.

the aim

          Ministry In addition to policies of the state Annually Priority sectors, priority areas; Priority contents which is consistent with Ministry of Ethnic Affairs the aim are It is as follows -

( 1 )    Ethnicity each other unity dear respect and Such as helping out Union spirits Progress To survive to carry out

( 2 )    ethnic groups the opportunity Law Specifications _ as To fully enjoy to carry out

( 3 )    ethnic groups speech literature history Anu knowledge Culture and heritage Traditional customs Maintain wait and to avoid development to carry out

( 4 )    ethnic groups Original characteristic Symptoms Not lost failed For service Good environment Creative to leave

( 5 )    ethnic groups In regions Education Health and business Such as transportation Socioeconomic Lives To improve to carry out


         ethnic Literature and culture maintain and improve loading By protecting rights Union Spirit Improve and strengthen ethnic High social life To improve.


( 1 )    ethnic groups Right Protect ancient Law Objectives Implementation House In order to leave for establishing policies and procedures;

( 2 )    The Constitution ethnic groups Right Protection law of the native people Right The In accordance with the law fully To be able to enjoy Protect longing

( 3 )    ethnic groups speech literature art and culture Tradition and rituals and conservation develop Progress For carrying out History and antiquity heritage Exploration and discovery For conservation House leaves

( 4 )    Inter-ethnic groups unity dear respect and Raipin help To develop carrying out

( 5 )    less developed ethnic groups Social life For high Education Health and business Street flower Communication Such activities For comprehensive development House leaves

( 6 )    Ethnicity One and the other Or ethnic To each other and Other religion Religion too good Without harm His love cherished speech literature culture Worship Religion Religion and tradition Rituals acting freely;

( 7 )    ethnic groups the opportunity In accordance with the law Effectively protection

( 8 )    Inter-ethnic groups Or between ethnic groups Occurs Regarding the dispute. Coordination and Solved to

( 9 )    ethnic groups Comprehensive development case and regarding Research activities carrying out

( 10 )   Minority, Almost disappeared which is Traditional son of tribes speech literature art and culture Traditional Tradition and rituals identification maintenance Keep and To develop carrying out

( 11 )   ethnic groups Right Protect which Legal matters in relation to Relevant government departments Government and organizations coordination;

( 12 )   Whether by the Union Government or According to any law Either Given Ethnic affairs tasks Conduct to