Union ethnic village

the purpose

                        All ethnicities Residence Great Union State According to Different Different geography; and custom Faith and worship According to doctrines ethnic fruit Region in each which are being held According to the season and festivals Commemoration Days too Interesting Histories, Love and desire Note Within the Republic of Myanmar History Inhabited There is ethnic groups Cultural custom to in one place One group Clearly By being able to study Union spirit More Kean Aung and become stronger Ethnic unity To become more productive and Burma for Honorable It is

Background history

                        Union ethnic village Yangon Region Thaketa Township, No 10 North Ward Yangon - Thanjen The bridge near On 111 acres of land 1994 Seven, From April Starting animal Garment partner carried out Project Head of Municipal Affairs Department and Mahar International Co, Ltd Mutual benefit Collaborate Implementation for 25 - 5 - 1995 On the day Start typing Implementation Conduct Although Later by Mahar International Co., Ltd continued No longer able to perform. The business had to stop. 1996 Seven January and Fair Trade Co., Ltd Mutual benefit cooperate Project Businesses Continued implementation carried out Project work Supervisory responsibility From the Department of Municipal Affairs border and region To the Ethnic Peoples Development Department 1998 Seven in May was handed over. Also as Fair Trade Co,Ltd Project area to the whole Can continue situation For no more 14 - 8 - 2000 from Art Gallery including the 10 acre to Only with BOT system Renting is in progress The rest 101 the acre Development of border regions and ethnic groups From the Department The transfer was carried out. 22 - 1 - 2004 On the day Yadana gate fence Officer Line Road Middle ground 6 acre Expand allowed As it was Grand total 117 on an acre businesses continued It has been carried out 5 - 3 - 2009 On the day Union ethnic village Business Responsibilities Continued action 5 - 3 - 2009 On the day Union ethnic village Tasks Border region and district A close friend From the Department of National Development Head of Municipal Affairs to the department was handed over. Union ethnic village 5 - 3 - 2009 from From the Department of Municipal Affairs Regular maintenance businesses In progress 7 - 6 - 2012 On the day Border Affairs Ministry With supervision To the Department of Municipal Affairs Rural area As the Development Department Department name and Tasks Change It has been carried out 9 - 8 - 2013 On the day breeding and the water industry Ministry of Rural Development With supervision and 30 - 3 - 2016 On the day agriculture Ministry of Livestock and Irrigation Supervision and by Ministries Transfer Although it had to be done Union ethnic village Greening and Regular repair Maintenance Businesses Rural development Leader From the department Continued action. 2019 Seven, April 25 On the day Held made Republic of the Union of Myanmar Union Government Meeting No. ( 8 / 2019 ) from agriculture  and breeding Irrigation Ministry Under supervision Union ethnic To the village To the Ministry of Ethnic Affairs As the responsible ministry Swing Changed Yangon Region Government Close supervision Conduct Victory To hand over Agreed and decided Yangon region Region big Thaketa Township, Union ethnic village and Relevant statistical information; Project lists Rural development From the Development Department and ethnic literature To the Department of Culture On 6 - 6 - 2019 Systematically Transfer / Receive They did .

Things to see and learn

            Kachin itch Karen Chin Burma, mon Arakan Shan of ethnic Traditional home galleries Salon ethnic gallery Locally Obviously which Stupa and landmarks Buildings display Self-governing allowed State / Division ( 6 ) . of and tradition How to dress scenes, Mangrove forest and display animal scenes;

Restaurants and souvenir shops

lacquer painting traditional painting Fancy stuff Shop Shwe Inlay, Shan traditional native Pinlong Such as traditional restaurants,


Ethnic tradition Entertainment programs

Day Weekly Sunday Noon ( 1 ) o'clock Venue Union Hall


Admission fee

The name                                                        Rate                 Note


Location and boundaries

            Yangon Region Thaketa Township, No. ( 10 ) North neighborhood Yangon - near Thanlyin Bridge Bago river bank in the north farm village In the east and jewel road Jewel Estate South in and the Bago River In the west Yangon - Than Lien railway


- 117 acre


            ( 17 ) feet above sea level There is The land is flat Ordinary At high tide Ta way About 1.5 feet below the surface _ reach the water There is In case of extraordinary high tide and the road uniform Water has arrived.




The weather

            coast Weather It is an inland city. Hot and humid is All year long Average Rainfall ( 106.3 inches ) _ _ The average temperature is about 27.4 degrees Celsius there was.

Soil type and natural vegetation

            On the banks of the Bago River It exists In the land type It is a type of clay soil . of area About 40 % In addition to being former farmland tide Because there is a presence Few natural plants. and the moon forest Thatch trees Grown up.


            In Yangon - YBS No. 4 ( red ) 5 , 10 , 89 _ Inside the village Will be able to wander around and study Transportation systems Buggy rental ( min 30 ) – 5000 Kyat ( overtime per 1 hour ) – 10,000 Ky Train Entire rental ( min 30 ) – 5000 Kyat ( overtime per 1 hour ) – 10,000 Ky Bicycle rental fee ( one hour ) – 500 Ky A horse-drawn carriage Rent ( min 30 ) – 5000 Kyat ( overtime per 1 hour ) – 10,000 Ky