Karen people Myanmar the Irrawaddy River, The mouth of the river Island and throughout the region Around the Bago River area and In some Along the Salween River Highland region Cross over South Cape and the district Taninthari Hill And throughout , Mekong river basin and the Shweli River basin Rivers Descending In the Shan Highlands Some have remained and Kayah State From Taninthari Hills Through Thailand ( Thailand ) _ and Lao To the Philippines Lived widely are Karen people Jaundice Wide face round jaw Swollen the car black eyes Open nose wide Black hair straight big legs As a dress code National in You are long-waisted, on red White and blue striped. They work. And every one of you Head and tail bush. but After death Slimming waist Over a white shirt. Wearing there is. Among women By age The lower skirt They wear a shirt, but only those who wear it Wear. cousin breast, Breast covers not to wear Karen people Traditional clothing among uniqueness Although not A special day tradition On festival days Perfect usually wear.