The Burmese people About 800 years ago _ Burmese tribe The tribes Salwin River follow of Kyauk Se East In the south Despite the divine request into Burma Started entering are  Palang River Zawji River , The fennel rivers Flow through Region " The Eleventh District of Myit Son " and " Eleven fields one " District " and good soil fertility; Enough water Enough Obtaining Etc. ethnic groups Settlement They lived. In the future Some South Dunggyi region  Where Slin Chao and Man Chao said, " You Six districts " and Some of them are picture mountain , including the Pictographic region Chintaung to the Than region and the " Mu River Basin " regions It has spread Study Found. " The beginning of Myanmar A good one According to the saying Gautama Excellent god Before the flower Mizzima region " Abiraza " from the land of Kapila Thakthaki is the king To Myanmar moved. To the country of Tagong Since its establishment Buddha's life During the period of manifestation Kapila wears The land is destroyed _ Taki-in You arrive  A good one to the land Re Since it was established The dynasties From Rakhine State " Dhanyawati " " Saracheetha State " . Skar " Pagan " . continued Established until the " Kon Baew Era " . successively He ruled This proposal According to " Tagaong " . Burma nation's Beginning Not just saying, " Burma "Hion Song Min " etc Consider Can.